Powered by Innovation, Driven by customer value

MERMEC STE has developed and increased its know-how and has introduced specific solutions for these specific market segments.


Powered by Innovation,
Driven by customer value

Faster networks, smart buildings and reliable infrastructure are the key characteristics of an advanced railway transportation infrastructure. In this dynamic context, MERMEC STE plays the role of “enabler” by providing advanced technology and integrated services to manage the complexities of the railways of today and tomorrow. We played a leading role in the construction of High-speed lines Rome-Naples, Milan-Bologna, Turin-Milan, Bologna-Florence and Milan-Brescia and we are now committed to complete the Milan-Genoa and Brescia-Verona-Vicenza routes.

logo mermectste simpleSignalling

We design and develop traditional and innovative line and station signalling systems for railways: ACC-M, CTC, ACEI systems, BACC systems, Automatic Level Crossings and Train Control Systems.

logo mermectste simpleElectric Traction

We have worked for the rail and local public transport since the 1920s. We design and deploy Catenary System S 1,5 - 3 kV DC, 25 kV AC, Electrical Substation MV/HV, Power Supply and Photovoltaic Systems.

logo mermectste simpleTelecommunications

We provide a complete range of skills and know- how: GSM-R, TETRA, Wi-Fi, Telephone Systems, Emergency PA Skills, Fibre Optic Networks, Transmission Systems (SDH, DWDM..)

logo mermectste simpleAuxiliary Systems

We developed specific solutions: SCADA and Industrial Automation Solutions, Tunnel Safety Systems, . Informations to Passengers, CCTV and Intrusion Detection System, Supervision Systems.


Operative Headquarters

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Registered Office &
Signalling Center of Excellence

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